Our Process

Because each AppWood door is made to order, you have an opportunity to create a unique design of your own, your own “collection”.  Provide any inspiration photos, design sketches, moulding profiles, metal accents, or special hardware and our experienced designers will convert your vision and specifications into a unique set of plans.  You’re not limited by the sizes and designs in a catalog, only by our collaborative creativity.  Then we work with you, your designer and builder to ensure that the final product meets your initial vision. Below outlines our process for you see we think of all the details.

  1. Consultation – Your initial call or email inquiry will connect you with a sales representative who will collect as much detail as possible about your project to develop an initial budget for your review. Along with your basic specifications for rough opening sizes and function, they will review your vision and inspiration pictures to get an idea of your style, preferred wood species, finishes and hardware options to best complement your home.
  2. Quotation –With a budget range that meets your criteria they will provide a line item, fixed priced quote along with an initial elevation sketch for your review and approval.
  3. Quote acceptance and deposit – After working out the details for your project and the price, production will begin upon receipt of signed quote along with a 60% deposit. Typical production time from this point will range from 4 to 8 weeks. While the quote is a fixed price, unexpected things may occur and resulting changes may be required. With your approval we will be glad to modify the project as we progress. Changes may affect the final pricing.
  4. Design review and approvals – We’ve combined the design and engineering of our doors with the role of the project manager to insure that every detail is accounted for from start to finish in the production of your door. Upon acceptance of our quote, you will be assigned a Project Manager who will draft your door in AutoCAD to insure accuracy and quality. You will sign off on all design details prior to production.
  5. Production – Each door starts with hand selection of the lumber specified, virtually any exotic wood that may be specified is available to us through various specialized suppliers. The lumber is milled, shaped, sanded and eventually assembled into the door slab and jamb components. Hand applied mouldings and raised panels are also made and fit into the door.
  6. Pre-Hanging – In most cases we will be providing the jamb that your door swings in, we will pre-hang the door into it’s jamb. “Pre-Hanging” includes setting the hinges, hardware and other custom accessories which may be specified. Accuracy is critical to the function and performance, since some of ours doors weigh as much as six hundred pounds or more. Finally, the hardware is removed in preparation for finishing.
  7. Finishing – Wood doors need a quality finish to prevent water and sun from damaging the wood. Water will cause swelling and warping, the sun’s UV can discolor the finish and break down fibers in the wood. Our quality finishes protect against that.
  8. Post Finishing – Hardware is re-installed on the door and any glass or decorative hardware is applied. A final “deluxing” and quality check is performed to insure we meet your expectations.
  9. Shipping or Delivery – Doors are professionally crated for LTL shipping or blanket wrapped onto our own truck for delivery. Our carriers provide lift gate and job site delivery services.